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I am a 19 yr old woman that's has been happily dealing with my sexuality since 13. But I have never been able to orgasm, and for the past 2 years I've had 3 lovers and None of them caused me to orgasm. I know having my first orgasm can be hard but it cant be THIS hard. I don't think I have ever had much satisfaction sexually. Like I'll feel pleasure for the first few minutes, than poof gone. I have tried toys, lubes, different methods . Is something wrong me me? I have never rushed materbation was relaxed gave myself time to explore and nothing. Now I have partners and it's the same thing. Relax, time and exploring. Maybe is there a medical problem associated with this?? So


It seems like you have relaxed and tried several different ways. Since your unable to reach orgasm I suggest talking to your doctor about any issues that could cause you to be having trouble reaching orgasms. It is very common to not be able to reach orgasm with intercourse because the lower 1/3 of the vagina has all the nerve endings but the male is usually above that thrusting where there are not very many nerves. Have you tried different positions like on your side, doggy style, etc? Have you tried vibrating toys or just regular ones? Also have you tried to masturbate and when it goes numb feeling stop and then start again after a few minutes and do this until able to feel stimulated longer? Do you do kegel exercises? Are you overweight or underweight which can cause problems with reaching sexual orgasm? Do you stay hydrated by drinking enough water daily? If your not naturally hydrated and lubricated enough it can cause problems reaching orgasm.