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hello.....6 weeks ago i had abortion and then the doctor told me not to have sex for three weeks...i didn't and then after 3 weeks i had unprotected sex.....10 days later i started bleeding again....and i called my doctor and he said that it could be periods or that many women bleed for 6 weeks fater abortion....i stopped bleeding after 3 weeks from my abortion and then after 10 days i bled for a week again...the bleeding was like my normal period but i am still confused as to if i am pregnant again....i did the home pregnancy test while the second day of my period and it will a light negative.....the line appeared vey light negative is it negative or does that mean there is a chance of me being pregnant again?...thank you.


:-( Sweetheart, I hope you can stop engaging in risky behavior like this. To have unprotected sex and then use abortion as a form of birth control is dangerous for you, and irresponsible to your child. I am strongly pro-choice, but I believe the choice is made when a woman consents to having sex. Once you make that choice, you commit to the possiblity of becoming pregnant. Any choice you make from that point on is a choice for the child you carry.

It is a poverty of the human soul when a choice is made to destroy a helpless life simply because it is inconvenient for you. Make the choice not to have unprotected sex, and then you will not have to worry about that whole disgusting abortion mess. Good luck to you.