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i am a 15 year old boy nearly 16
and i am about to become sexualy active,
however, i am worrying as i cannot pull back my foreskin.
i have tried a fair number of times but to no success,
i remember when i was a small child i did it once
but i was scared so i put it back over and ever since then, i have been unable to pull it back.

now, i am aware that if you cannot pull back your foreskin then you cannot properly wash it, and so possibly leading to cancer of the penile, which i am :!: :!: very very worried :!: :!: about.

also, my penis is quite undersize and i am not sure wether these two issues are realted or not and if so then i am even more worried, i masturbate often and have no problems doing so, however, it does worry me...

please get back to me as soon as possible



hi there, i couldn't help but notice this when concerned about my own issues, of which pulling back the foreskin was an issue of my own. It took a few weeks but if you keep pulling it back to as far as it will comfortably go, gradually it will go fully back. It used to worry me about pulling it fully back but after doing it once it feels normal. Good luck:)