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Hey im 17 years old and I have a question, when I am soft, my foreskin comes back no problem at all. however, when i have an erection, it becomes tight and when I try to pull it back, it only comes about half way.
Will his hurt when I have sex for the first time? I imagine it being tight, and my skin would need to come back all the way over the head?

if i could get any advice ont his topic itd be great. thanks!



It is better if your foreskin can retract fully. The fact that it retracts when you're soft sounds as though it is not too bad. When you have an erection try exercising it by pulling it back gently. Over time it may retract fully. I don't think you should worry about it hurting when you first have sex. Presumable you currently masturbate with no problems? Hopefully, when you first have sex you will use a condom, and if you put this on with your foreskin forward then it will not fully retract anyway. Practice masturbating with a condom to see what I mean. I hope this helps. John