I had the "sling" surgery in 12/08 after suffering with leakage and urgency. When my doc first told me about being able to help me via surgery, I was so happy. Now 2 months post-op I wish the procedure was never performed. Seems like when I pee the stream is never ending and even when I think I am done, after getting off the toilet I am still leaking. Also, I had a weird sensation (more like pain) after I was done peeing which would coindide with the urgency to pee. I went in to see the doc and I did indeed have an infection. The nurse said there were microscopic blood cells in my urine which indicated an infection. So I am on a 3 day round anti-biotic. I am only 46. If this is an omen of what is to come, I want the sling taken out. Has anyone had this procedure reversed and if so, will the insurance pay for it ? I would think so if one'e body is just not compatible with the foreign material.
Thanks for reading my post