Hey, I'm just now 16, but since starting puberty a couple of years back I've been having strange vaginal discharge - especially since I got my first period at 13. I basically ALWAYS have a discharge in my underwear that is clear when wet but dries various shades of yellow. I was thinking perhaps it could be because of my hormonal age: I'm always turned on :/ so it could be discharge from being aroused, I also know that vaginas are self cleaning so its obviously at some point or another going to release discharge. My main concern is the odour. Sometimes it does smell fishy, other times it just has strange smells I cant really describe but they smell very strong to me, so I'm always paranoid people can smell me although my parent says she can't smell anything. Because of the odour I do worry it could be an infection, I would doubt its sex related as I'm a virgin and I wasn't born vaginally. I don't really want to go back to the doctor as I've been so many times regarding vaginal problems - I get itchy down there during and after every period which has been ruled off as PH imbalance and thrush. So is this normal? Should I be worried? How can I make it go away?