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Hi, i am a 35yrs old man, i got bilateral very itchy skin rash in 4 spots in my legs, it start with small pump that start itching then they turn  red and with itchying, it raise a thick skin 

of about 1mm above the surface of my skin, it continue to itch for a week then it stop itchying and healed leaving a faint brown spots of about 1X1cm, now i got them a gain in my thigh , they tends to aggregate in a chain of 3 spots...i was wandering what could it be,could it be an insect sting or allergy , because during both episode i think i was wearing same type of pants, can contact dermatitis or food allergy leave marks after they healed, could this be scabies...i am worried !


I've had the simular experience but unfourunely I think it's here to stay.  Had unprotected sex repeadly with an old girlfriend and after fifteen years the itchy bumps come and go.  All hair has fallen out of that area.  Been blood tested and no STD's but what rash and itchy bumps on and off last for fifteen years?  I'm 37 and trying to find out if this curable, to have a family, and most of all not to spread this disease to someone else I love.

Going back to the doctor, they act like it will go away but 15 years of on and off again always in the groin area and inner thighs not being an STD?  Want to start a family but cannot conciously give a disease like this to anyone.