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Hello there, I am a woman who is 46 years old. I am waiting for the biopsy results in order to see if I am suffering from breast cancer. I am pretty scared right now. Can you tell me something about this situation or something? Thank you in advance for everything you share with me.



i was bombarded by letters, voicemails and text messages telling me my mammogram and breast ultrasound were suspicious and to get to a breast specialist immediately. This all happened on a Friday and so i could not contact anyone about any of this over the weekend. Then, after finally getting an appointment with the specialist, she took a biopsy in the office and i was told i had to wait a week for the results. I waited my long, torturous week. finally, my husband and i had went to the ER on a Saturday so somone there could call my doctor as she had instructed us to do since she was on call that weekend and monday was a holiday and all offices and labs would be closed and she did not want me to wait for my results. so my husband and i waited for a couple hours in the ER waiting room. then we were herded into a smaller waiting room. Then i was told to wait on one of the hospital beds. The doctor finally showed up and told me she could not find my results in the computer. Either my results had been mislabelled or the lab had completely lost them. Either way, it seems now i have to have the biopsy done all over again and wait ANOTHER week for my results. I am furious and anxious and i cannot believe this is happening. i am just glad i didn't have major surgery to remove the lump only to have the specimen lost. i cannot believe this is happening.