i am currently a 20 year old about to finish school. About 4 months ago I would wake up every single morning with extreme vomiting and diarrhea. I never have weighed a “healthy amount,” but I have reached down below 90 pounds and nothing is making that number go up anytime soon. I am unable to eat anything because I end up vomiting it up. I’ve tried everything they given me to get rid of the symptoms to I could live my everyday life, but none of them stay in my system long enough for me to dissolve any. The diarrhea is also very constant, probably like 5-7 times a day I’ll rush to the laboratory. 


Ive tried everything from emergency rooms, hospital stays, GI doctors, primary doctors... NOTHING. I’ve experienced everything from a colonoscopy, endoscopy, testing of H. polrie, ulcers, anything... you made it, they did it. They came up with negative results each time I’ve gone into one of these facilities. It’s really an huge inconvenience on my life. 


On most days you can find me in the work bathroom vomiting my brains out until I am not longer able to stand up. I’ve been told that this could be a result of stress, but I don’t see how that’s possible seeing that every morning and day I always have this problem no matter what. I’ve always been a healthy child and this came out of no where. Any suggestions?