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? I was 7-8 weeks preg when misscarriage happened... what does it mean when you have no cramps or sharp pains while having a miscarriage, you didn't bleed alot of tissue and you had a string of goey like stuff... it seemed kinda like a normal pd. I'm really carious! Some say the baby might still be in me? If so would this mess up my body so I would ever get pregnant again?


Hey there!

I'm really sorry about the miscarriage, from experience I can say that I can understand the pain that comes with the loss and how it is amazing that something so small can bring you so much happiness and love.

I had my miscarriage at a very similar time as you (6-7 weeks pregnant), and I had absolutely no pain at all. My bleeding lasted maybe 2 days at most and the blood was just like you said, like a normal period.

If you are still worried about the baby still being in you, you will most likely get a D&C. But ask a doctor about the possibility of the baby still in you.

Again, I am really sorry about your loss.