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im kind of starting to get anxious .. im 20 me and my bf just recently started talking aBOUT having a family and we started trying on the jan.26.2013 and so basically i waited two weeks after that .. and took a test and it came out negative it turns out that same day i got my period ..?? but what i dont understand is why because im always irregular ..? and usually i get my period every two months ;/ its rare when i get it every month (and it felt like a regular period too just that this time only bleeded once like bAMMM! and then just spotting for like 2days!? .. (BUT STILL WE KEEP TRYING ;)..... and today my bf has insisted for me to take another pregnancy test .. and it turns out im just spotting like light dark pinkish ? No bLOOD whats so ever  ...and its been going on since the morning  ? and decided to take a pergnancy test like that ..and it came out NEGATIVE :(... and its been 3 weeks since my last sopposebly (PERiOD) that i think it was ? I dont feel any different .. ? like symptoms ? what to do ? Its now march and i wanted to wait Until march 15.2013.. To take another test but he  wanted me to check again .. please anyone help me out ??? to find out whats going on ..??


Sometimes it can take awhile to get pregnant. Keep trying around two weeks after the first day of your period. You will notice your body changes when you ovulate and you will get an increase in a clear/white discharge. After trying for a year a fertility doctor is willing to see you. In the meantime go to your local dollar store and get ovulation predictors. They work get (its what I use) and every month start taking them around time of ovulation and when your ovulating make sure you have sex. They also sell pregnancy test and they work great even if they are cheap its what told me I was pregnant with my son. Good Luck and Baby Dust to you ;-)