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i am 13 an about five foot 9 and weigh like 11 stone
i feel fat but eat healthily and do sport a lot
sometimes i starve an sometimes i throw up

i need help

how can i lose weight?


Eleven stone is normal weight for somebody who is 5-9. You are big for a 13 year old, but you are not fat. Please don't starve yourself or try to throwup, because you will only hurt yourself by doing so. Some people are simply born to be big. If you are already eating healthy and doing lots of exercise, you are already on the right tract to a healthy life. There are certain sports that you can do when you grow up like professional wrestling, and professional wrestlers make a lot more money than most people who are a lot smaller than they are.
When I was 13, I used to be bullied by the other kids because I was smaller than they were. I wish I was more like you.