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I think that I am having problems with insomnia. I am having following symptoms - I have noticed that my sleep is very poor, I can see that it is very hard for me to sleep as soon as I lay down in my bed, etc.

Next morning, I am so grumpy and I can't stand anyone around me. I am fighting with everyone who is there and I do know that this is my fault. 

I want to fight this. I was reading something about this and I got scared because I realized that I can have problems with chronic insomnia. I don't want that.

What are the best ways to stop chronic insomnia naturally?



this all can't be good. That is correct.

But, natural sleep aids always should come after things that are most important - finding the cause. After you find the cause, your doctor can recommend you some therapy (which is in the most of the cases) and you should not decline it.

Therapies are really good and helpful things, especially when you need to fight about something that is so complicated as chronic insomnia. 

So, this "tree" goes like this - doctor, cause and treatment.

Best naturally ways are chamomile tea, valerian root, and exercises, but sometimes neither one of this can help you. 



You can't seek cures for chronic insomnia if you don't know exactly do you have problems with it. First, you should go to your doctor, you need to tell him about every issue that you have. Maybe it is not chronic, maybe it is "just" insomnia.

Some things that can help you are: you need to make your sleep as a priority. Nothing else is a priority for you when you see that it is 10 pm on your clock. 

Also, do some exercises, sweat more if you want to have good sleep. 

Next thing that you should do is to avoid coffee after noon.

Try this.




It can easily be chronic insomnia. I had the same symptoms and I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia as well. So, maybe you are fighting with this as well. Just to be sure, visit your doctor, let him do some tests and you will see exactly what your problem is. Just one thing helped me. OK, two things - I am telling you a lie. The second thing that helped me is when I left my cell phone out of my bedroom. Like every person, I always needed to see is there something next for me. So, I realized that my phone is keeping me awake most of the time. But the best thing for me, and what actually did the job, was mediation. It is a powerful weapon against insomnia. It takes a little time to learn how to meditate properly, it is very hard to "turn off" your thoughts, but once you learn this, you will refresh yourself totally.



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Yes, meditation is good but yoga can also help you. Also, it is much easier to deal with yoga than to learn meditation. I have tried to meditate, but nothing.

It is really hard to set your mind free, to be "clean" from every single thought.

I mean, how you can do this, how can you stop thinking about something? I was not able to do that.

So, I started to attend some yoga lessons and it really helped me. Yoga helped me relax my muscles, it helped me to get sweat and this just helped me to sleep much better.



I am really not running away to visit my doctor. At all. I am aware of the fact that he is maybe the only person that can help me. Anyway, don't get me wrong, but I am not interested in meditation because I can't deal with it. Tell me how to clear my mind when I can't sleep? I am too tired and I don't want to try this at all. So, next, please! Any type of therapy seems OK. I would like that my doctor prescribes me one that can help me. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow and I will tell him all about my symptoms and how I feel. I really hope that he will be able to realize what is my problem - SOON. I am OK so far, but I am scared that I won't be able to stand this anymore...



While you are waiting for the test who can help you determine all your issues, here is one thing that can actually help you.

It is natural and it comes from our grandmother kitchen.

A glass of warm milk before you go to bed. It is easy, cheap and really tasty grandmother’s natural insomnia remedy by sipping warm milk before bed.

You can use cow's milk, but there are some other alternatives as well. For example, almond milk is an excellent source of calcium, and we all do know that calcium helps the brain make melatonin.

Also,  warm milk may spark pleasant and relaxing memories of your mother helping you fall asleep.Never drink cold milk before bed.

Good luck and sweet dreams.