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My mom is having problems with chronic insomnia. She is 62 years old. We were visiting so many doctors and in the end, everyone told her to use some sleeping pills.

But that is not a good solution in her case.

It didn't help her to deal with it. I wanted to find some natural treatments for her, but I didn't have any success. 

Whenever I asked doctors about some natural treatments, I never get an answer...Understandable. 

I really want to help her because I can't see her suffer like this anymore. Can you tell me more about all natural treatment for chronic insomnia in adults?



When it comes to chronic insomnia treatment it usually requires a visiting your doctor. Sure, there always are some natural treatment that includes herbs, but we can never tell how this is reliable. You can try with Lavender. This is a very gentle strengthening tonic for the nervous system and just a few drops of this oil added to a bath before you go to bed is recommended for anyone who has sleeping issues. 

This lavender the oil may be used as a compressor as a massage oil.

I am almost sure that you can drink Lavender tea or you can use essential oils for inhalations. Try it and tell us does this works. 

Good luck!



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You can always use plants that work as relaxants and sedatives. When I had problems with it, I was using wild lettuce. My doctor explained to me that this is a mild sedative and people are usually using it for restlessness and when they have some insomnia issues. 

You can use it in several ways. It is totally natural and safe. 

To understand how this good is, it is known as a sedative even for the kids. You can try it without consulting your doctor (you don't need a prescription for this), but just to be sure you should ask him a little bit how to use it and when.




Good day good people. I have never heard about any of those. The only thing that I have heard of is Melatonin. If I understand this good, this is is a human hormone that is increasingly popular as a supplement to promote sound sleep. They say that this is especially in people who travel between time zones or who work odd hours. So, when my good friend recommended me this for my mom, I went immediately to get some. Three months and nothing. Whatever I have tried to do with this was not helpful. So far my mom is not better and she is still struggling with her sleep. Is there any possibility that we did something wrong about this? She gave up on this one because she saw that this can't help her. I want to know can we expect the same thing with other natural remedies?


It takes time for everything.

Here is a sample of one girl who was struggling with insomnia for a long time but she never gave up on fighting against it. She has tried everything and anything and after a while, she found one recipe for "magic tea", that is how she calls this tea now.

It is calming and magic tea, but you will need to try so hard to find all ingredients for this one. 

You will need: 

  • Linden flowers - just one part,
  • Hawthorn flowers & leaves - also one part,
  • Chamomile - two parts,
  • Lemon balm 
  • Wintergreen 
  • Stevia herb.

Mix this all and drink it one hour before you go to bed.

Good luck with finding all ingredients.I hope it helps.   



I definitely vote for "passion flower".
Like every other natural remedy, this one will be harder to find as well. Anyway, this flower also looks so beautiful. It is purple in the middle, with light purple petals and it has something yellow in the middle as well. You can find it, but you need to try harder.
It has calming and relaxing effects. I was reading that herbalists consider passion flower an important herb for insomnia caused by so many different things. The good news is that passion flower is used for minor sleep problems in both - children and adults.
You can see results sooner than you can expect.


I am just talking with my friend who has so many problems with this. Chronic insomnia is something that she is fighting for a long, long time. Because of this, she didn't want to go anywhere, she was refusing to go to the vacations, etc.

But one day her hubby asked her to go together to Fiji. When she went there she told to some locals that she has problems with sleeping and immediately they offered a Kava to her. She was surprised and she wanted to know what this is and they explained to her that this is the national drink of Fiji and is popular throughout the South Seas. It imparts a calm feeling. It also relaxes the body.

I don't know how this can help your mom and is this something that you can find at your place, but it is worth of trying.