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Hello folks,

I still don’t know how to act on this forum or site, but I am going to try to ask you something that I really want to know. I hope that this is ok. I have heard about some fat smash diet program and I have heard about some extreme version of it as well. Someone told me that those are exactly the same thing, but I am not so sure.

Let’s be realistic, it has to be something totally different in this diet programs.

Can you tell me what do you know? What are the differences between fat smash diet and extreme version of it?

Thank you! 


I am starting fat smash tomorrow- Just been food shopping.  I am made up that I will stick to this diet but I am worried about the massive decrease in calories- I've been eating about 2000-2400 calories a day normally and to reduce so much will definitely be a struggle especially with the exercising which I feel may make me hungrier. I don’t know will I be able to struggle with it, but I will give my best shot.

As far as I know, there are a lot of difference. You can’t possible think that those diet programs are the same, right?

Kind regards from me.



Good day all,

I was out of this subject totally, even if I know a lot of girls who were on this diet program. The first one is my sister. She told me that she just loves fat smash, but that the extreme version of it is a little bit strong for her.

She was not able to follow it, so she was at this fat smash diet. Now, I want to say that I don’t know how this diet program works exactly, but there are some difference.

But, it would be so nice to know some of them.

If you do know, let us know. I am interested as well. 



Hello my ladies,

I have to give you one advice – before you start with this diet program, you need to read the book, because it is amazing. I would like to recommend you to do this diet program with some friends as well. When I was following it, I have to say that it wasn’t as bad as I thought, it is not that extreme that you can’t handle it. But, this diet program is strict, that is for sure. It is very hard to manage with it, especially if you are a lady, and you are. I think that boys can handle this diet program better than us.