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good lord, i am so miserable.... i feel like i've been hit in the head.. my right jaw, teeth, ear, neck are pounding... the dr. said this was residual pain and told me to continue taking pain medication..... yesterday I swallowed , what I assume to be, a huge scab and became sick for the rest of the day..... I haven't been able to taste food since the surgery... literally everything tastes like pure dirt !!!! my throat looks like a sesspool of white puss! and my uvula (the dangly thing) was at one point six times it's normal size... it has reduced to about twice its normal size is the only healing I think i have done !!!

can anyone please tell at what day can I taste food...... it of course hurts as all get out to swallow.... but I can handle that, it's the fact that I can not taste anything!!!! please help! my dr. is no help at all... she says "it's normal to feel like this."


Hi everyone,

Im having my toncils out tomorrow and reading all your posts Im crapping it. Im so worried and scared i cant cope with having toncilitus everyother month and its messing work up alot so I have to get it done. I cant stop Crying im so scared. I hopethigs go well and i dont suffer too much afterwards keep your fingers crossed for me please.



Hello all,

Thanks everyone for your posts. It's been a great help! I am on (just this very minute) day 6 after having my tonsils removed. I'm a 22 year old female and I had them removed in Ireland.

The surgery was fine. Really easy. Before the sugery I was a little nervous but as soon as the drugs kicked in-I was fine. Waking up I felt great. My surgery was at 12.15/12.20 and I was woken around 13.10. I didn't feel at all woozy. In recovery (awake) for around 15/20 mins. When I was taken back to my room I wouldn't have minded a sleep but for the first hour the nurses were in every 15 mins checking my blood pressure etc. My temperature was high after the op but they told me this was due to the fact that I was feeling unwell prior to the surgery (was actually beginning to come down with tonsilitis!!). Temp went down that day but back up again that night. The evening of the surgery I ate some ice cream, jelly, tea and toast. It felt fine and the next morning (I was in the hospital overnight) I ate toast for breakfast. Doc asked me how I was and I felt great. He told me that things would get worse!

The first few days back home were fine. Not much of an appetite but ate toast, ice cream and other little bits and pieces. The back of my throat was a but tickly and dry but not too bad. Coughing doesn't hurt but sneezing and laughing is painful.

Yesterday and today: different story!! Am in agony! Have ditched my prescribed meds (Diaphine (sp?) and Paracetemol) in favour of Solpadeine. I just need something to ease the pain! The ears are the worst-especially when swallowing. Keep getting little sharp, jaggy pains in my throat too. I have a sweater with a hood up and cotton wool in my ears. I pray that this is the cresendo!! Mangaged to eat though. Had jelly and ice cream today, scrambled eggs and pancakes and just ate a bowl of cereal. Painful but I want to eat as the doctor told me to.

Thank God I have had no bleeding. Touch wood this will remain the case. Felt nauseous the first few days due to the meds but I haven't actually thrown up. I don't regret it (yet!!!) but I'm worried about my recovery taking a long time. I'm a teacher and have to go to work Sept 1st no matter what. Fingers crossed!!!

I'm so glad I've come across this board: I'm staying with my family at the minute and I think their sympathy is wearing thin. So at least now I can show them that these few days are supposed to be worst and I'm not attention seeking!!!

So thanks all!! Chins up!!! And Good Luck!!!


hello, I am a 23 year old female, just had tonsillectomy 3 days ago on 8/20. I am so confused as to why hardly anybody had little or no pain the first 2-3 days. I have been thru childbirth and broken bones, stitches you name it but nothing compares to the horrible pain I've been thru so far post-op! The first day I came home by 11am and slept all day. I've had nothing to eat in 3 freaking days and I am miserable! The tylenol with codine hasn't been working at all for me, so I called my DR in tears begging for something stronger, which he refused at first! Finally he gave in and prescribed celebrex which is normally prescribed for arthritus but he explained its also an anti-inflamatory and helps with acute pain. I took just one pill, and spent the rest of my day vomiting all day yesterday. Needless to say I won't be taking any more of those again! Today I finally forced myself to eat a whole can of chicken noodle soup!

Now I am scared to see how days 5-8 will feel for me, when the scabs start falling off, considering the horrible pain I've felt the first few days!!


Here I am 5 days later now on day 8 post op exactly 1 week since my tonsillectomy and I don't feel like I've had any progress whatsoever!! I feel like I am getting worse by the day. I am still on the Loratab every 4 hours in order to numb the pain, and have really not eaten hardly anything in 8 days. I've lost 14 lbs, and am really wondering if I'm ever gonna feel the same again ;(


You will feel the same [i promise ;-) ]; it's just a real rough patch for the first 7-10 days.

Ice is your best friend...all I had for the first four days was ice water and bowls of shaved ice. FORCE yourself not only to eat and drink the ice, but also, to stay awake. Open up your throat (if you've ever guzzled beer or drank from a "beer bong", it's the same principle), and just pour that stuff down constantly. One quick motion and then you don't have to use your tender muscles. Ice chips and drinking saved my life, although it was excruciatingly painful. Also wrap ice packs all around your neck; it will take down the swelling and get you on your way to recovery.

All I was able to eat was some sherbet...have somebody bring you some! Just spoon it into your mouth and let it melt down. It's lovely. We have a Fresh & Easy nearby that sells pints of Pomegranate/Blueberry sorbet. Also, I found the Arizona Watermelon drink to be pleasing. It's 300 calories to a can and full of vitamins that you need *desperately* now.

My fiance was a medic for the Marines, and by taking his advice, I'm worlds better (stay awake, drink and eat, never skip a pain pill). Just rest easy, upright on the couch or in bed and make drinking your full time job for a few days.

I also had a septoplasty done at the same time, so I can't breathe through my nose at all. I think being a full-time mouth breather helped me scab up and heal faster.

On a side note, your doctor needs to step up the pain meds...Tylenol w/codeine is worthless. Tell that jerk to give you some Percocet. It's ridiculous to deny someone in pain, and if you can just manage the pain the rest of the recovery will be so much easier.

Let me know how it's going...this post comes with blessings and prayers straight outta Vegas!


Just thought i would let everyone know that having your tonsils out is not as bad as some say. I'm 31 years old and had mine out May 9.
yes i hurt and day 6 was the worst. I didnt eat for six days just drank lots of cold liquids. gatorade is great just water it down first.
stopped taking pain meds after day 3 made me sick on empty stomach. i took childrens tylenol. a pharmacist can tell you how much you can take. i went back to work on day 11. i never developed any bleeding even when the scabs came off .I work in a large medical office building and was constantly getting strep or staph infections. I have now been sore throat free and havent needed antibiotics for 3 months, so it was well worth it. a great side affect is i dont need my CPAP for sleep apnea anymore. so good luck to anyone and just remember it does get better.


Hi! I'm 18 and i just got my tonsils taken out the 26th, i've been at this website everyday to make me feel better haha. I just started drinking some soup yesterday and managed to swallow some noodles, today i'm eating top ramen and found out it really stings, and it even stings to drink waterrrr.
does anyone know how an infection feels, or what scabs feel like when they start to form? This stinging thing is throwing me off:/
I definately agree on the ice packs, they worked wonders for me:)


Hello everybody,

I am proud to announce I am most healed now 10 days post op! That 7-10 day period was about right on for me. I am soo glad I can eat finally, (soft foods only!) Call me crazy but the food I missed most was mexican food so my first meal (other than noodle soup) was soft tacos from taco bell! LoL!

Now I am only sad because I have to put my 3 year old through the same thing coming up next month ;( I can't stand to put my baby through this but I think he needs it worst than I did. I've heard kids bounce right back though, but we'll see ;(


I'm scheduled to have my tonsils out Oct 9th. After reading through all of these I'm terrified. At least you all aren't sugar coating it. XD The doctor's office didn't either though. They said, "It's going to be horrible. You're going to be in a lot of pain and it could take up to two weeks before you feel a bit better."

After reading through some of your posts I am making a list of things I'll need to buy:

Ice packs

Staying away from dairy products because those build up phlegm for me.

I can only have someone stay with me for the first 5 days, then I'll be on my own. I don't think I'll really need anyone to look after me, but just in case. Did anyone do this all on their own without anyone helping (except of course to drive you home from surgery). Will I be ok enough by day 5 to take care of myself? ?


I am 28 years old on day 8 post op! I am in pain more so when I wake from sleep. I had someone w/ me for about 3 days who really helped and yesterday I had my boyfriend drive me to the doctor cause I was in pain and just felt unsafe for me to drive myself. I was taking Percocets then went to Vicodens which did not help me and now am back to Percocets. My Doc. says w/in the next couple days I will feel better and I had to promise to drink more water cause I didn't want to go to the hospital for IV solutions. It's hard cause the pain can take over but as long as your drinking fluids and not dehydrated you'll feel OK. Milk products for me made me phlemmy and makes it harder to breath and more painful when trying to gently clear your throat. I have to stay away from ice cream (which stinks). Take care and get lots of rest, I have 1 more week from work and hope that's all I will need.


I am a 27 year old female and am 9 days post op. I thought that everything was going great when I woke up from my surgery on the 3rd. I was able to talk to people, drink, and the nursing staff told me that I was doing wonderfully. I was sent home 4 hours after my surgery with plenty of liquid medications (including Lortab). I took it religiously every 4 hours. I was hardly able to sleep and my throat hurt so bad that it was almost impossible to drink. Less than 48 hours after surgery, I woke up in the middle of the night and started vomitting. There was a little bit of blood but it hurt sooo bad to throw up. My mom stayed up with me for a few hours and then I went back to bed. I was up again a couple hours after that throwing up again and there was blood as well. My mom took me to the emergency room and I was given an IV because I was dehydrated, nausea medication, and something that really made me feel good. The ER doc also gave me Ambien to help me sleep at night. Unfortunately Ambien did not make me sleep at all. I was ok for the rest of the day after I returned home from the ER. Saturday I was back to throwing up. This continued until Monday when I was able to go and see my doctor. The nausea and throwing up was due to the combination of my medications. I also had a yeast infection in my mouth from the antibiotic that I had been on.

I am now 9 days post op. I have lost 23 lbs and counting. I still cannot eat anything other than cup of soup and yogurt. I do love the popsicles, they help out a lot and help with the hydration. My throat still hurts and my ears are sore (which is normal). I still tire very easily which is made worse if I have to talk. I am drinking more and more water everyday but sometimes it still feels like someone is stabbing a knife into my neck.

Every story is going to be different. I have never had any problems recoverying from surgery before. This has been an experience that I am so glad that I will never have to go through again.

Good luck to any of you who have to have this done!!!


I'm scheduled to get a tonsillectomy soon (hopefully more sooner than later) and I've been reading everyone's posts. I'm not really nervous as much as I'm curious being that I'm 21 and this is prob the first REAL surgery I'll ever go through in my entire life. Lately I've been feeling crappy and sick with sore throats, high fevers, and a really disgusting taste in my mouth (like a post nasal drip kind of taste) was really gross and bothersome. Turns out I have tonsil stones and I have to get my tonsils out so I can finally feel better and never get them back again. I'm hoping I don't have too many complications since I'm allergic to lots of medications. 8-|

Right now I'm just waiting to see when the surgery will be...
But I wish everyone else good luck on healing/surgery/etc!


Hi all.

I wrote on this board a few weeks back. Come this Saturday, it'll be exactly 5 weeks since my surgery.

The last time I wrote I was going through that "bad" part. Managed to get over it really well and I felt fine after a week and a half after my surgery. I moved to London and started work feeling fine. Two days into my job I started to feel terrible-really feverish and like I had a flu. The pain from the tonsilectamy (which was gone pretty much completely) came back in full force and it was just as bad as before. I had to carry on as normal though and spent the weekend sleeping. I had no appetite and generally felt lousy. It was the worst I can remember feeling ever! I though I was better the Sunday night and I went back to work Monday. Huge mistake! Ended up feeling worse and the pain in my throat was excruciating!!! I had severe earache too and flu-like symptoms. Ended up going to the doc that night and she informed me that I had an infection. She looked at my throat and apparently I had developed ulcers over where my tonsils were. She also said that feeling unwell generally was down to the anesthetic from the surgery and that it takes a long time to recover from that. She put me on a ten day course of Penecillin. 80 tablets in all and I', currently still taking them. To be honest I'm still not feeling 100% but my throat no longer hurts. The other day I bled a little but I was expecting it. I've put myself on vitamins and a tonic to build myself up cos I was in bad shape after everything.

I blame myself for the infection cos I wasn't taking care of myself as well as I should have. With my work I'm talking constantly and that didn't help things at all. A week and a half after the surgery I thought I was fine cos I had no pain but it came right back up and bit me!!! I highly recommend taking it as easy as possible the few weeks after the surgery. I'm sure that what happened to me isn't all that common but the pain from the infection was worse than the pain after the surgery. I can't wait to finish these antibiotics now cos I feel that all I've been doing the past month is taking tablets!!!

So-good luck everyone!!! Take care cos an infection is no fun at all!!!!


I've been checking out these threads for a couple of weeks - first to prepare for my surgery on 9/9, and then during recovery. Good news is , you do start to feel better at some point. Today was my first day feeling normal - yay! Neway, the reason I decided to post is b/c along with many good pieces of advice I've gotten along the way, one my doc advised turned out to be a lifesaver : USE A HUMIDIFIER WHEN YOU SLEEP! I didn't use one the first night home and regretted it by the time I woke up the next morning. While the rest of the nights haven't been hunky-dory, they've been muuuuch better since the humidifer compensates for the fact that I can't keep on top of drinking water while sleeping.

Another weird side note - I was having really weird/bad nightmares until I told my doc and he said it was a common side effect of Percocet and he took me off them.... go figure! Anyone else found that happen to them?

Good luck everyone - don't let the horror stories get to you - you WILL survive this if you stay smart and do what your doc tells you to. 8-|