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I am a 55 year old female had tonsillectomy on monday 26th january 2009....3 days ago I must say, although there is some pain it is nothing in comparison to the bouts of acute tonsillitis I have suffered in the past I take pain relief regularly eat pasta with salmon or tuna, light stuff thats easy to swallow I drink loads of water and ribena,had a cup of tea today but not sure if I enjoy it any more.looking forward to when I can have a glass or ten of wine but for now am happy to abstain until the healing process is complete.sleeping better than ever.for anyone facing this procedure dont be scared its not that bad.


Im 18, I had my tonsils out on Tuesday the 27th and it has seriously been the worst experience of my life! Days 2 and 3 were a breeze, eating in the mornings and bits throughout the day. I'm now on day 5 and I feel like it's never going to stop! the ear-aches are the worst, i wake up in the night with unbearable pain. I'm sat here now with a hot water bottle wrapped around my neck which seems to help a bit, i've also been gargling with salt water which takes all the yucky stuff off your throat. Hope i get better soon, i hate feeling like this and i just want a normal meal again!!!


Hi everyone,

Its been good to read how everyone else is dealing with this. I read you posts with much interest!!

I thought i would join you all on here to share my story so far.....i am a 25 year old female, i had a tonsillectomy 29/01/2009 (last thursday)

After having major fright for months before of surgery due to never having had a GA before and suffering panic attacks for 10 years definetely dint help.....I remember crying, shaking and pouring with sweat as i was taken away from where my Mum stood, i was adamant i would never see her again at this point. They knocked me out that fast by asking me questions that i didnt even see him pumping the drug into me...the room shook and i was gone.
I woke in the recovery room, bit weird with all the other people lay around me..I do remember asking if i could have my tonsils in a jar just because i couldnt believe it was over....or maybe that was the anaesthetic talking.

When taken back to the ward i dont remember much until i fully awoke...I remember just being aware of something in my throat but at this point no pain, just all felt really unreal at this point.

A short time later i managed to nibble some corned beef and slice of tomato off the sandwich they gave me, but just ignored the ice cream and didnt want it to coat my throat. I drank as much water as i could in between nodding off. They didnt let me go home as what was supposed to be a morning operation didnt happen until lunchtime so by the time i had come round it must have made sense to keep me there, which i was happy about.

I felt great later on, i could talk and laugh and thought what the hell was all that about...i even had a few visitors which was great.....

Day 1

Then, the next morning (following a night of broken sleep) i woke and felt pretty rough, i could barely talk now either, which started to wind me up.

I forced 1 1/2 pieces of toast with butter down and then they let me go home. My mum (who has been looking after me the last few days) came to get me. I went home and slept all day on and off.

Later on in the day my voice had completely gone and i could eat a thing, and didnt want to. Struggled to touch water too.
The worst for me was the swollen cut tongue and the awful ringing in the ears....on the whole though the pain was mainly like normal strep throat.

Day 2

I woke with horrendous ear pain, i paced my room holding my head, i couldnt even barely take painkillers it was just too much. My temp was also high and i was pooring with sweat.
I lay on my bed and just concentrated on watchin the TV. 2 hours or so later this just dissapeared and i felt great, i think i was getting dehydrated. I managed to drink a bit of water but not much, and knew this had to change due to preventing i tried to work on this. The ringing in the ears seemed louder, it was awful, but pain had gone to the minimum. i even went outside to a friends just for ten minutes, it made me really tired but felt i wanted fresh air.

Day 3

Woke up in pain again very early in morning at 4am, took one of my soluble Paracetamol and went back to sleep, woke at 10.45am in pain again. Got up but just drank a bit of water and half an hour later the pain went to bare minimum again...i have only taken 3 doses of painkillers since leaving hospital. Mornings seem bad but it seems to pass at the mo.

Today i have eaten: Mashed potato and spaghetti hoops, a creme brullee yoghurt and scrambled egg with a piece of buttered toast. i havent finished all meals but today i was starving. I stiill havent had a painkiller since 4am this morning, starting to feel bit dry now but we will see. The only time i had major pain was with my ears so far. I am still drinking water even though it is only sips.

Day 4

So far pretty much the same as day 3, although i occasionally keep getting an annoying tickle/scratch sensation in one side of throat.

So far i think things are ok? I am scared to death of when the scabs start to fall off!!
And has anyone else ever had the ringing ears tinnitus and the taste of something dying in your mouth??

in England they seem to not give us proper painkillers, only Paracetamol, but so far i havent really touched them....

I will keep you informed of when things get worse, cuz i think they will.....

Its great to hear from other people and be a help too if i can be???!!



Has my tonsils out yesterday evening, feel pretty fine today managed to have weetabix this morning, plus had a cheese sandwhich for lunch and then a tuna sandwhich for tea :-P it just feels like a bit of a sore throat, i don't know if the worst is yet to come or something but yer feel pretty gurd


I had my tonsils out Friday (Jan 30th) and so this puts me at day 5 of recovery...?

I was doing fine until last night - in the middle of the night I got these really acute ear aches. It felt like I had an ear infection all of a sudden! In both ears! I knew that there would be some "referred pain" in the ear but I didn't know it'd be so intense! I haven't tried the water bottle trick but I will tonight.

I was given liquid vicodin, but I'm nearly out and the pharmacy won't refill the script until Friday (some rule about fill narcotic scripts) and there's no way I will have enough to last me that long. In scrounging around my house I found some Tylenol with codeine that should be able to last me until Friday.

I'm trying to drink water even though it hurts - I only took a week off of work (I'm due to work Saturday) but at this rate I won't be well enough by then. Should I try to call and extend my leave or try to work through the pain? I only work a 3 hour shift in the cash office - though money is really dirty and full of bacteria.

What do you guys think?


Whle my previous post may have suggested that i wasnt in much pain, after day 1 it got a lot worse :P

on day 4 now, and have been getting serious throat swelling and ear aches in the evening since day 2 - btw kellysouthpaw i have a hot/cold compressable pack type thing that you freeze/microwave and when its hot it you put it on/ around your ears seems to give me some relief from the ear ache, and if its cold i put it on my neck and it helps the swelling.

i would say [ kellysouthpaw] dont work - this risk is you get a throat infection and i dont even want to imagine how much that might suck


I found an old heating pad (seriously, this thing was from the 70's probably) that you plug in and it had 3 different settings. Well I wrapped it in a towel and put it on my pillow and slept on my side so that the ear that hurt the worst was on it and then turned it on and it really helped. Then I froze the ice pack they gave me in the hospital for my neck and wore it around my neck for the night.

I seem to be doing better today (day...7, going into day 8). I am taking less vicodin and I can eat whole meals in half an hour or so (it used to take me an hour). It ONLY hurts when the scabs fall off. Then it hurts so bad I will cry. But then it goes away and it doesn't hurt much at all. I'm actually able to somewhat talk now, and it only hurts when I form certain letters (vowels).

I got a co worker to take my shift for Saturday, which means I won't have to work again until Tuesday, BUT I will have class on Monday and I really can't miss any more classes :-(


How old are you kelly, im 17 btw, on day 5 today still quite sucky - how did day 6 go for you ive heard it starts to stop hurting as much then kindalooking forward to it :-P


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