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Hey everyone.


I have one big doubt and I hope that you can help me. My mom bought a dog against my fathers will.

They were fighting about it for three weeks.

Now, they are fighting against some other thing :) LOL.


They don’t talk to each other because my dad is telling her that they should feed this dog with grain – free kibble food.

She wants to cook for him.

Very funny especially because they were fighting about some other thing a week ago :)

Can you tell me is grain – free kibble the right food for this dog?

I think that my opinion will decide who is the winner lol



I say – why not? There are so many amazing brands of grain – free food for dogs. Sometimes you really can’t choose which one is the best.

I am totally for Instinct because it has all that your dog need.

It is food with less fat and fewer calorie. It is pure, delicious and it has some drier raw pieces.

To cut long story short, this is a very good diet program that is really high in nutrients.  

Sometimes I wish that all products are as amazing as this grain –free food.

That is why I support the idea of feeding your dog with this food.  



Hello you two ;)


You can definitely buy it but this should not be the only food for your dog.

I agree that it is a very good source of protein but sometimes your dog just can be immune to this kind of food.

But you have to know that some large dog food companies are forcing their marketing a bit for this type of food and new grain – free dog food is not always that good as they say.

If you want to try it you can buy taste of the wild grain – free dry dog food. This is one of the best foods and price is OK.

It is definitely better than Blue buffalo or any other dog food.



Hello. Well I think that I have to disagree with you folks. I think that there is definitely a better option than grain – free kibble food. Here is why. Cooked foods never have been a part of dogs life. People are cooking and processed food within last 80 – 90 years. If you are planning to feed your dog with good and healthy food you should know that in addition of substandard ingredients there are so many toxins in the processed, cooked and kibble diets. There are a lot of toxins and that is why you need to avoid it. I made a parallel with cooked food. It is pretty much the same as you can see.



Hey there.


First, you need to know that grain – free food does not mean carb – free food like many people think. You should make a line between those.

I am not for this food.

More than 90% of dog foods contain totally inappropriate ingredients that can create very low – grade inflammatory processes such as diabetes and obesity.

I believe that grain – free is one of them. Instead of buying grain-free food for your dog, why don’t you just make a grain – free food for them?

I didn’t know that this is possible until I saw a lot of recipes online. That is much better option.