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Good day everyone. I have three dogs. Two of them are older, one is 4 and the other is 7 years old.

Since yesterday I have a puppy as well. He is three months old and he is very cute and adorable. I can say that he is smart a lot :)

I feed my dogs with different types and brands of food. But I have to tell you that I am a little bit tired of buying food on different places. I want to feed my dogs with same brands. When I go to the pet shop I want to buy everything there.

I want to feed them with dry food. All of them.

Do you know what is the best food for senior dogs and puppies? Tnx


Hello. Why don’t you cook for them instead of buying dry food? It is also much easier but again it is you choice. Still, you can’t give them the same food because some dry food is for puppies some food is not for them. Maybe you won’t find them at the same pet shop, so it is pretty silly excuse. For your puppy you can try DNA ancestral dog food, Go! Fit and free, Infinia dog food, Nature’s logic. Those are good brands. For your senor dogs you can try brands such are Evo Herring and Salmon formula, Orijen senior dog, Innova large breed senior.



Hey everyone.


When you want to choose the best food for your dog you need to read the label on the product. You need to choose brands that have meat as the main ingredient in it.

Now, they are certain brands that I am using for my dogs.

My dogs are not puppies but I think that I can remember some good brands :)


For your senior dogs I recommend you Nutro, Royal Canin, Pro Plan and Wellness.


For your puppy you should try Eukanuba large breed puppy, Nutro max puppy food and Orijen.


Those are pretty good brands and I am sure that you can’t make a mistake with any of them.



Hey Flake.

When I moved with my boyfriend I didn’t know a lot about dogs. It is obviously that I was experimenting with foods.

So I can talk about dry foods for puppies. I don’t know that much about food for older dogs, but I think that this is the same.


I was feeding my Boo with Wellness Core. It includes seven dry dog foods. It has 38% of protein level and 13% of carbos. So this brand is obviously above – average with proteins, but it is cool.

It is not typical dry food and that is why I think that it is great.

And yummy as well.



Hey everyone.
Wow how many advice :) Tnx a lot.

@Dog Whisperer - thank you, maybe I will try to cook for him. But now I don’t have a lot of experience with it and I don’t know what to cook for my dog. Do you have any idea where I can find some recipes to learn?

@Love-is-pet thank you! I have heard that this Nutro is amazing but that this dry food can have some side-effects. Is this true? If it is – what are those side –effects?

@DS991 I have never heard for Wellness Core. What do you mean when you say that this is not typical dry food?
Does this means that this food is better than any other?



Hello friends.

F l a k e, those are pretty good brands. When you choose dry food for your puppy you need to know that you will have to experiment with foods. Why is that?

Because anyone in here cannot tell you which brand is the best :)

Wellness Core is really amazing food for puppy’s according to my vet and a lot of my friends who have a puppy.

Now I have a puppy as well and I am going to buy this food because it contains everything that my puppy needs now when he is young.

You can try it for your puppy.

Dry food is OK but I think that we should not feed our puppies with it all the time.

It is very important to feed them with different foods now when they are still young and small.


Good luck!