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Please Help! I am desperate to find an answer! I will forever owe you if you can help me and my family.

I am a 25 year health conscious male who never gets sick. I have been experiencing odd and changing symptoms for 3-4 months now. 

My mom and dad are now experiencing similar symptoms (I live with them, going to school full-time). We think it could be a bacteria related.

Here is the evolution of my symptoms:

Stage 1: (December-February)

  • Testicle Pain: A mild pain in my right testicle. Ultrasound on testicle showed it was fine

Stage 2: (Mid February)

  • Bladder/ side Pain: Testicle pain was gone, now pain moved to right side of my bladder and under left side below ribs.
  • Was put on full spectrum antibiotics "just in case"
  • Back Pain: While on 7 day antibiotics, pain worsened (possibly herxing?) and spread to my lower/upper back, especially bad after eating. I could also only sleep on my back otherwise there would be pain on my sides. I was also very tired. Did not eat much since all the pain - mostly fruit juices for a week or so.

Stage 3:

  • Got another ultrasound which confirmed there were no gallstones or kidney stones, but they found a 3.5cm liver growth. After we got the results I changed my diet to vegan/extremely healthy.
  • Got a CT scan and MRI and they were in fact hemangioma - benign tumor. (they also saw I was constipated - even though on a vegan diet with plenty of fiber)
  • Felt better after antibiotics: The week after antibiotics and still eating healthy, I was almost pain free. It was gone in my lower back with only mild stomach/ upper back pain, with the normal bladder pain (and rare intermittent testicle pain). I was also able to eat bigger meals now. Things were looking good.
  • Lost 20 LB: I lost 15-20 lb (usually at 160-65, now at 145) This could be due to sickness or just change in diet/ not eating much for a week/ not working out.
  • Note: We originally thought it was my hemangioma causing symptoms of pain and that the diet helped it. But as symptoms came back later along with family having similar symptoms, we don't think it is hemangioma related.

Stage 4

  • Symptoms reemerge: After feeling better for a week and a half, and still eating healthy, symptoms came back with some new ones: 
  • Panic Attack: I had a full blown panic attach: hyperventilated, thought I was going to die, shaking, choking sensation, pressure on chest, and tingling arms/legs (never experience anything like that - But I did have a coffee and probably had low b-12 due to vegan diet, which can be linked to panic attacks) 
  • Abdominal Pressure/pain: Even after adding fish to my diet (therefore b12), my stomach still felt really tight and not very elastic. I still felt very anxious and felt like I was constantly fighting having panic attacks, almost had one several times. 
  • My stomach felt odd. Like I couldn't twist it too much or lay anywhere except on my back, or there was pressure inside. Something felt strange. One time drinking too much water almost triggered a panic attack too. I couldn't eat that much, my stomach felt full and panic attacks felt stomach related.
  • Heart Palpations: My heart also has been strange. Heart palpations and even skips. Also feels weird when laying on my side. Feels like heart was possibly beating fast (or stronger).
  • Pressure in throat: Also felt a constant pressure on my throat like being choked, almost hard to breath, ever since anxiety attack.
  • Headaches: Also got headaches randomly, and still slight constipation despite having lots of fiber from plants, etc
  • Joint pain: very fleeting randomly in knee or toe joint. Quickly will come then be gone.

Stage 5

  • Felt better after antibiotics (again): Started taking doxycycline because I told the doctor I thought it could be lyme disease. I did some research and the only symptoms I could relate this to was lyme or lead poisoning.
  • Since being on doxycycline for a couple weeks it seems that the symptoms of pain have gotten better. The anxiety is gone (some pain/pressure in chest but not on throat.) I still have pain in abdomen at random spots (just under chest at ribs, under ribs, middle of stomach, below shoulder blades, etc - changes constantly) but less severe it seems. It seems that my heart beat has slowed down or gotten back to normal. My main symptoms are pain under ribs and upper back. Sometimes I am also getting very tired randomly, not too bad though.

  • pain in bladder is gone after several days of doxy. I am also able to workout again (though the first time I went running my chest hurt on my left chest & under shoulder blades pretty bad, which was directly related to my raising heart rate. The next day my right chest hurt running but way less.)

Overall I feel like symptoms are getting better, with some flareups. Symptoms seem more mild.

  • In regards to lyme, I was tested and it was negative (though I know it is a 50% false negative), and I do remember having a random circular sore the size of a bb (no bullseye) on my foot a while ago, which is now just a red mark, but I don't know what it was.
  • How likely is it that my whole family got bit by a tick? (To consider though: we did have landscaping done recently and I read that new mulch can bring ticks, but I have no idea. We live in sacramento, ca)


  • I am very worried as I am young and resilient, and whatever bacteria (if it is that), it seems powerful. And if it is lyme I want to make sure we all get treated to get rid of it completely with all confections, and from my understanding it could be a big undertaking.

Symptoms of my parents:

  • MY MOM: abdomen pressure, ear issue - popping, pain in chest, pain below ribs on the sides, general torso pain (changes), wrist hurting, heart palpitations
  • MY DAD: bad back pain below shoulder blades, intermittent pain at other parts of body like forearm and leg (like I also had)

Me and my family agree it is probably bacteria since it does seem that antibiotics helps, but both of them doubt it is lyme. They also doubt that we could get symptoms at the same time from lead poisoning. I have done so much research and cannot figure this out - it seems that food born illness involved diarrhea (which nobody has), and not constipation (which me and my mom have slightly).



I'm still doing more research, is it possible that the spirulina that we have been taking (though I haven't taken it for several months) has cyanobacteria (microcystin) in it - causing blue-green algae poisoning? I don't know just a thought.


Hi Jaime,

I have been feeling better after doing these things:

Eating Broccoli sprouts found at wholefoods, but by far the most powerful thing I have done was taking the broccoli sprout extract pills (more powerful and cheaper than constantly getting broccoli sprouts - I was eating a .5 to 1 container a day, whereas I only took 2-4 extract pills a day).  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use


Cardio/ running

Taking alfalfa pills

Eating more vegetables and overall healthy

Lowering stress (exercise/ cardio helps a lot)

No coffee

Truly nothing worked until I started taking broccoli sprouts/ broccoli sprout extract. I think maybe it was hpylori bacteria, because broccoli sprout extract is known to kill or prevent h.pylori bacteria

"researchers find that daily consumption of broccoli sprouts inhibits the growth of Helicobacter pylori and reduces gastritis in patients infected with the bacteria"

I have no idea if it was h.pylori, or what it all was because all the symptoms are so weird and intense. But I started to get better after all this. I really saw progress after broccoli sprouts/ extract.

Also note: 

I started juicing with a juicer and blending fruits/ veggies in a vitamixer prior to these symptoms originally, and i recently started juicing again with the juicer and started getting the same symptoms coming back just a couple days ago (maybe has to do with juicing too?), which weird you asked about it right now when my symptoms came back just the other day (mostly stomach related and chest tightness - more mild though than originally). But I also have not been taking broccoli sprout extract because I ran out. 

I also drink a lot of beer, as I am a young guy that also likes to have fun, I think that does not help because it makes my body more acidic and less healthy (as does coffee, sugar, grains, too much meat, etc - especially fatty meat with too much omega 6 not enough omega 3)...but I will try eating broccoli sprout extract, eat more veggies and stop juicing again. I am pretty sure it will help solve my issue again.

I really hope this info helps you, and I hope you feel/ get better and healthy.

Let me know if you have any other questions or more about your issues/ experience.





Hi Jeff! I just came across your post because of the symptoms you had mentioned that caught my attention, as I have many of the same you mention you and your family have. It was also very recently discovered on MRI that I have a 1.7cm vascular malformation (maybe hemangioma, possibly arteriovascular malformation...need more scanning to determine this). I have also lost weight, as you have, from trying a more nutritious diet by eliminating processed foods, and have additionally been struggling with feeling close to panic attacks and extreme anxiety almost all the time lately. I also have the sensation of palpitations and skipping heartbeats. Further, I have the pain under and on the side of my right shoulder blade. Sometimes it feels like a burning type of pain, sometimes itchy. I visited the information on this site that was offered by other people with hemangioma, and they are also citing the shoulder blade pain and discomfort just below the ribs. Gastrointestinal problems were also mentioned; vomiting after eating fatty food, for example. But, you bring up good information about H-Pylori, and I'm glad you mentioned it so that I can get checked out for that too. I know you said you don't know if you had it, but since you took doxycycline, that would have taken care of it anyway. How are your symptoms now?? Did you completely recover from them yet? How are your parents? You had mentioned a possible bacterial source...are you on well water? In my case, I was thinking that the worry was partially responsible for the panic attacks, but the heart palpitations might be part of that too...I just don't know! I guess when you don't know for sure, you open your mind to many possibilities. It sounds as if you stay on an excellent diet, and that really helps. I hope that you found out the cause of your symptoms and those of your parents, and if so, that you'll let us know! Best Wishes, Lisa



Jeff get tested for Rocky Mountain SPotted fever, especially Rickettsia Typhus, I made the doctors test me for this and it came back positive. This requires more than a few days of doxycycline if it has gotten to the severe stage. I had all the symptoms that you and others are having. I now have a swollen spleen and a enlarged liver. The IgG will come back positive more than likely but you get false negatives sometimes on the IgM.


 Im not a doctor, but have Lyme, my Fiance and neighbors have Lyme too. Your symptoms sound quite familiar. It doesn't matter if your doctor does not believe you could have it. In fact, most doctors know nothing about Lyme, how to test for it, or its symptoms. You do not have to remember a rash. Only 50 PERCENT of us ever got a rash. The only way to know for sure is to be treated because the test is not even any use unless its a clear positive, as a negative is not a negative.  At the very least, get the western blot test, not the BS screening.

 Good luck,

-Jamie in Massachusetts




OMG, you are describing everything I have.  I live in Ireland and have been in and out of the doc's like a yo-yo since the beginning of August with the same symptoms that you have.  I have had a colonoscopy, a gastroscopy, laproscopic surgery for endometreosis (as pain stated in pelvic region and there was noticible free fluid originally there), a CT scan on lower abdomen and an MRI.  Apart from a tiny bit of endometreosis everything came back negative.  I also had a kidney infection at the early stages (end of Sept) which I was then put on an antibiotic for.  I was only on the antibiotic for 7 days and at the end of those 7 days I actually felt "normal" for the first time.  About 3 days after the antibiotic all the symtoms came back again.  I have been told by my GP and consultants that it is viral, but I have serious concerns now.  I don't have a full blown "attack" every day now they seem to have subsided to once a week.  I have googled Lyme disease and it matches everything I am suffering from.  I think my son had a dose of it aswell, but he got a throat infection last month and it seems to have cleared his up (he was put on a strong antibiotic for 10 days).  We took a vacation in France this year and we both suffered from bites whilst we were there, I assumed that they were mosquito bites.  We were the only two bitten and the bites lasted about 3 weeks on my arm.  I have had another really bad attack today and I am so drained from all of this now.  Your post has give me something positive so I am going to go back to the doctor again and discuss the possibility of Lyme??  I hope you are feeling better these days.  Do you know can lyme disease go away on it's own?



I've got someting like this too Along with my fam.  I also live outside sacramento.  Been appx 11 weeks.  The only difference is I've had a lot of loose stools/diarrhea (My wife and daughter were not so affected by loose stools like me though).  Thought it was almost gone a few times then it returned.  I also mentioned Lyme concern to my dr and she brushed it off as "unlikely cause you would have remembered a tick bite". Plus I also think it would be a long shot for my whole fam to have a tick bite(if that truly is the only way To get it).

the latest concern I have is toxic mold (Biotoxins).  Like some of you I was told it must be viral and needs to run its course.  But geeez, 3 months?

abdominal pains (started mainly lower left), wrist pains, body aches (calf pains), chest pains strange sensations (poking needles), fatigue, nausea, dizzy feelings, caffeine suddenly makes me feel strange.

curious if anybody has an update or full recovery story.  Those really help.



I have a lot of similar symptoms (upper abdominal pain, stomach pain, periodic fatigue & lightheadedness). Mine was diagnosed by 2 different doctors as an ulcer. It was 3 months ago and gotten better several times before coming back. Both my wife and son are having the same symptoms now. Very puzzling. Any updates on any of you?