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Hi. I am 13 and i want answers to some questions. My penis when fully erect i cant seem to see a "bellend" Even when my penis is flacid i cant find one in sight. i was just wondering why or if its normal to not see one yet, if its normal for 13 year old males to have a bellend please explain to me how and how to get one? My second question is. I have masterbated before but never ejaculated and I was reading about it earlier today and it said that some 13 year old males had already masterbated and got huge shots of cum, why and how? if they can why cant I? Is there a reason for this? If there is please tell and also how to cum. My last question is. My penis is 7.5cm when fully erect, it is quite small, i was just wondering if there was any ways to get a larger and thicker penis. I have read about the ok finger sign stroking way but my penis to small when erect to do it, so how else could i get a bigger penis? Please reply properly. Thank you.


Hi Curious,

At 13 you likely won't see your bellend (glans).  You are not circumcised from your description.  By about 16 or so your foreskin will retract and you should be able to fully expose the glans.

Start stretching - NOW.  Use your fingers to spread the opening OR get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin.  It might be easier in the shower under warm water, it softens the skin.  The more often you do this the sooner you'll notice results. 

You'll find the glans very sensitive at first.  This is NORMAL.  It's been covered up and the nerves aren't used to being touched.

Not all 13 year olds can ejaculate - yet.  Give it time.  We all develop at different rates/times.

7.5cm, about 3" is AVERAGE for a 13 year old.  Your penis can grow into your early 20's.

Hope it helps.



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I agree with Dan. Don't worry about anything here, you are normal. You will begin to get cum in your own time. Some guys have it at 11 and some not until years later. As for size you are just about right but you will be whatever size your body has determined and there is really nothing you can do to change the size or how fast it grows. As for seeing your bell end apparently you have never pulled your foreskin back to look at it. It doesn't just go back one day and say here I am when you are looking at it. Most of us have to actually use our fingers to pull it back even when erect. Some guys have a really short foreskin so the head peeks out by itself but not most of us. They say it will come out by the time you are 16 but you still have to make it. The idea about 16 has to do with the possibility that it's still attached to the head until then which is not true for all of us. Mine was never attached that I know of. My mother used to retract it to wash my penis from the earliest I can remember so I've always been able to retract mine. If you have never tried to retract yours you may find yours will too, just don't pull it back if it starts to hurt. Try a little every time you are in the bath/shower to see how it goes. As Dan said it's going to be sensitive when you first expose it but you will get used to that and it becomes less sensitive as you bare it.