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Hi everyone

Have you ever heard about the Fiber35 diet?

I hear people talk about it all the time lately. What’s up with this diet? I hear it is healthy, people say it worked for them. I even consider trying it myself. It is high on my ‘’diets I want to try’’ list.

I know this girl that tried it and told me everything about her experience, which was, by the way, positive.

I just didn't get why is it called Fiber35 diet? Since I’m very curious I would be really grateful if anyone could explain to me the name of it.


Hi TinkerBell23

The fiber diet is all about eating healthy food full of fiber.  That means that while on this diet you will want to eat fresh or dried fruit and vegetables, popcorns, strawberries, potatoes, oranges etc .

Fiber is said to prevent colon cancer, it cleans your bowels, it cuts your cholesterol. Also it can lower your blood sugar and help you prevent hemorrhoids. That is why fiber is the basis of this diet.

It also moves quickly and easily through your bowels so it helps them to function normally.

I hope that now you see where did the name came from.



I believe TinkerBell23 was also intrigued by the number 35. Why it is not Fiber50 diet or any other number but 35? Am I right?

Well here's why. This diet uses the fact that the fiber helps you burn more calories you consume daily. One gram of fiber you eat can make 7 calories disappear from you body. So if you happen to eat 35 grams of fiber, you will erase 245 calories in a day. And this does not include any exercises or anything. All you have to do is to eat 35 grams of fiber daily.

I hope you now understand the symbolism in the name ‘’Fiber35’’. :)