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Now... I'm not going to say that Marijuana is for everyone. It's not. The weak minded seem to think that Marijuana can control their brain and think that they are no longer in control. This, however, is not true. I also have friends that smoke the same, if not more, than me and they haven't had any problems in there day to day life.

I've been smoking Marijuana for the last 2 years(yes everyday 5+ times a day) and I started with shwag. For the past 7 months I've been smoking Michigan Medical Marijuana strains and see no difference in myself. When I smoke I love to be active and live a normal life. I don't sit around and think, Well it should make me relaxed so lets be lazy. Nothing is more amazing then getting really medicated and enjoying everyday tasks. I've had/have an issue with anxiety but have never had one with Marijuana (except the other day when I smoked around 2.5 Grams in one sitting.)

With that being said, do people care to explain why they think only skunk or high grade marijuana causes schizophrenia? Please show evidence in your argument, and I'm talking about personal stories, because everyone knows half the "scientific" studies are BS to keep it illegal.



Are you and your strong minded friends the genetic origin of the population? On a molecular level marijuana is predictable to the extent of the subject its used on (this means it varies from human to human, thus causing different reactions, effects, symptoms etc). There's several variables your question lays upon, hence it can't be answered without being flawed and imprecise. Hopefully you were just bored when you typed this and really aren't that ignorant.