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So Ive been on oxycotton, roxycotton, hydro, morphine, etc........... for about 4 yrs now. My fience found out and is making me get off of them. These pills have ruined my life! I done screwed my account up and now left with no money and oweing ppl. I quit last week and got thru the wd's and ended up doing a couple after day 4! WTF! So then I started over again only making it another couple days b4 getting a couple more. IDK wat to do. I hurt soooo bad and have no energy whats so ever. pllez help! if ne 1 has any advice for me would be very appreciated.


I have been an addict for about 6 years using Oxy, Roxy, LT's, Percocet and what ever else I could get my hands on. I have gone cold turkey on two other occasions one time for a year only to blow my knee out and have surgery that put me back on pain meds. The second time it was three months and I tore my rotator cuff and had to have surgery which put me back on the meds that was three years ago. I am now in my 10th day without any meds. I was taking around 10 - 12 percocets a day before that and like you have royally screwed myself financially.

Since, This is my third time around I have learned a few things that make this easier and note I said easier not easy! The first thing I did was made sure I had four days that I had nothing to do, I made sure the first two were days when my wife would be home with me because I knew I could make one phone call and be hooked up in an hour. I had my wife pick me up the following Ensure that I drink twice a day to keep my vitamins up, Immodium well you know why, Tylenol PM for Sleep, Benedryl to keep my eyes and nose from running and some OTC's pain meds(Ibuprofin, Aleve, Etc.) I did not do anything for those first four days except curl up in a ball it's not fun but I made it. I then made sure and got back to work on day 5. I find that it is very good to get back work to keep your mind busy. I also find it very beneficial to exercise as much as possible. I mean work up a good sweat! The drugs cause your brain to stop making endorphins naturally so it has to be taught how to produce these endorphins again. One of the best ways is thru exercise! Another is working thru tasks when you start a task finish it. Laughter watch a funny movie. Find things to smile about! all these thing help your brain on the road to recovery.

As I said I am in day 10 and I feel much better. I have not needed the immodium since day 7. I feel much better in the morning and I am sleeping much better. Just know it does get better everyday and you can make it!!