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I had a nose job 6 years ago, however not very happy with its outcome. I intend on having revision surgery...but i'm very worried about choosing the wrong dr, and not getting what i want. I need very minor changes, and want my nose to look natural.

I've been researching the top plastic surgeons, and have come up with:
-Dr Tabbal
-Dr Nassif
-Dr Pastorek
-Dr Azizzadeh

I actually heard of Dr Azizzadeh through Dr Kanodia, who is a celebrity plastic surgeon in LA, however no longer performs revision rhinoplasty.

If anyone knows anything about this doctors, or has a better recommendation, please help me out! there are so many dr's and i'm sooo confused! thanks a lot.


Just wondering if you decided on a revision doctor. I am looking into pastorek for my revision.