hi, im wondering why i can notice cellulite more now on my legs,mainly thighs, when i have lost weight?about 5-10kg and i am only a size 10 and my bmi is healthy for my height. i eat a healthy vegan diet (occasionally some junk food) and exercise basically everyday for an hour doing cardio and strength work. do i still need to lose more fat then?will that get rid of it?will it go away if i get my fat percentage down more? is it because my skin needs more elasticity? will it eventually go away after a few months when my skin tightens and gets use to the new size?plus continuing with the exercise.
i know skinny people get cellulite too,most women have it but i would like to know what i can do to reduce it more.
thank you if you can help.
(im 22yrs old if that matters)