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I had sex on the 3rd day of my period(Dec.6,2008) and my partner did not come. Because we do not really do sex, it's like he just tried to enter my thing but not totally since I complained of pain.

I supposed to have my period last week. Until now I still dont have my period. I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning following the advice that I should do it in the morning upon waking up. I had a negative result.

Is there a possibility that I am pregnant or just an irregular period?
(but I do have regular period dates before)

I think of repeating the pregnancy test again but when should be the right one? I also thought having the test yesterday could be too early to tell if I am pregnant. Should I try it again next week if still I don't have my period?

Thanks for the time and help!


I think u may just have an irregular peiod Or u may have a miscarriage