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I am concerned about our 10 year old grandson. His breast nipples are protruding inward.


I presume that your doctor has seen that his nipples are protruding inward? If he didn’t commented on that than maybe you shouldn’t be concerned. And what about your grandsons parents? Have they said anything about their concerns or?



My cousin had the same problem but it was only one nipple in question. When he got into the puberty it almost come back to normal and you could see the difference only if you were watching very closely. When he got older he went to a surgical procedure because his self esteem was very low because of that.


But if his parents didn’t already do that take him to the doctor and consult with him although I think that situation is going to be different once he enters the puberty.

Let us know about the results because you can’t find lot information about this on the web.