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:( ok so i am 14 and weigh 187 and am like 5'6" i wanna lose weight fast. any suggestions no crazy like 5 mile just simple like diet changes and stuff


Hi there. From what I understand about weight loss, it is better to take it slow. Your weight effects so many things in your body that it needs time to adjust, not to mention that you will gain the weight back just as fast as you lost it if you choose the fast route. I have a friend who lost 100 lbs in one year counting calories. She ate no more than 1600 calories a day and allowed herself a "cheat" day where she could treat herself with something like a hamburger or a piece of cake. I'm assuming you're a boy because of you user name (I'm sorry if I'm wrong) and I believe the daily caloric intake for males is 2000 calories. You still have some growing to do so just count your caloric intake and do some simple exercising like walking or crunches.

My little brother was a little chubby but now that he is going through puberty he is losing belly fat and growing taller, he will be 14 in a couple of months.