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I found Metaslim Weight Reduction Formula pills online and decided to give them a try, after reading lots and lots of reviews.

Granted everyone's bodies work differently, the reviews I had read said people had lost 4 lbs in a week, 10 lbs in a month, 30 lbs in 2 months... and I have only lost about 4 lbs and it's been 2 weeks.

What's the deal? I've been eating healthy (with a cheat or 2, but nothing ridiculous) and running on my elliptical for at least 45 minutes a day. The pills have definitely curbed my appetite, as I haven't been eating as much on 2 pills a day.

I feel like I should just stop them and continue eating correctly and exercising (also because the pills seem to be making really bloated - the exact opposite of what I'm trying to feel like!)

Any help would be appreciated!


It seems to me that you are trying to take the easy way out. I am already quite slim (from exercising and eating well) and do a lot of adventure sports (rafting, snowboarding, hiking, freshwater swimming). I am almost at my ideal weight and am using the metaslim for the last few pounds.
45 mins of cardio a day isnt hardly enough. you need to do weights or you will lose weight, but never have definition. Whats the point of being smaller, if your abs dont look perfectly flat?
Id suggest taking a cardio + weights class thats at least an hour long 3 times a week and then just doing moderate cardio (swimming/biking/brisk walking) the other 2 days
And make sure you do some light yoga moves (whatever level you find easiest) as they make sure you are still flexible. Also use lighter weights and do longer reps so you look lean, not muscular.
And then on weekends (just for a change) try something that takes a lot of energy. it can be anything from like 4 hrs in the mall (NO sitting or eating) to trying indoor rock climbing at a gym. Im sure youll love it!
and its a fun social activity (i do this with my bf a lot and it makes our relationship very exciting too.)
use the metaslim as a supplement (because thats what it is). And if you do all the stuff i suggested, you can even eat a bit more. A good thing i tried a few years ago is the no carbs after 6 pm rule. That way you can eat wholesome meals during the day and not starve.
(to be honest though, ive never really been overweight since i was 13, and i enjoy exercise a lot)
ps. the workouts will totally make sex out of this world (even if you dont lose weight ... superior muscle strnght, more stamina...;-) ...gym memership is the best investment ive ever made!)


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