My Name is Richard, I have been smoking weed everyday for 3 years now.. But I decided to quit yesterday and here I am on my second day... It feels like I'm in a dream, feeling slow, self-conscious,heavy legs and can't concentrate at all. i used to go to work high every morning and little by little symptoms and weird thoughts started attacking me until it was too late, I was diagnosed with social anxiety.., but I kept smoking since My psychiatrist didint know if it was because of the weed... Anyways, everytime I smoked, like 10 minutes after taking my first hits, I became panicked and extremely anxious and couldnt control my face expressions at all and i just wanted to go home, and not look at anybody... On my 2nd day, Right now I feel weird, my body feels like I'm in slow motion.. And no matter what it is that I'm doing I'm always Extremely alerted by the people around me, thinking they might be laughing at me or judging me or staring at me like if i was a statue..pretty much I worry about the people around me more than I do about myself. I know those things are not true, but its like they are always there and I can't stop them. I have noticed many times that people do have Shocking reaction when they see me doing activity because my body is just not there and the way it Functions, its like I'm watching myself from out of my body,.. I like to be honest and be truthful, during the period of time I went to my psychiatrist I smoked pot everyday.. Maybe I should have stopped but I kept smoking, that's why I'm here now trying to quit and trying to fix all the mistakes... Before being diagnosed with Social Phobia, I started hiding my fears until they became like permanent.. When I walk in public something triggers my mind to always keep my hands in my pockets and to not look at anybody straight in the face.. I have played soccer almost all my life, played in 4 teams and became captain in all 4, until I got a knee injury (Torn Acl and Meniscus Tear) , I will be getting surgery in less then 2 weeks. People tell me I have lots of potential but there is something blocking it.. That's why I want to take advantage of this surgery to completely get rid of weed.. I know I might not be as normal as I used to be but I know for sure, things will be better.. That's why I keep my hopes up and motivation to help me get through this.. Things have gotten better with my anxiety, I know that for sure, because back then If I had an appointment I would think about it almost everyday, and how it would be? Shoul I go? Are people going to laugh? Things like that.. But now is like whatever I just go and don't think about it... Exercise I believe will help me get my life back to normal, I'm a very good athlete, and I like to do exercise at least 5 time a week.. What Do people think? Is it permanent damage to my brain? Can I still be the old me from 3 years ago? Any help appreciated, thanx