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Most people have to fight with acne on a regular basis. The only thing that seems to be more consistent than the pimples is the barrage of medical remedies that are being pushed on us on a daily basis as a solution to our problem. Though most of them do have some benefits while using them most cannot give a permanent solution to this problem. In fact by doing a self treatment you can be better off. Here are 5 simple solutions that offer healthy benefits to the skin and general health that often have a positive effect on acne removal, reduction, or prevention. These are by far the 5 best I have come across.

1. Take plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables: Often the source of our acne troubles is a high sugar and fat, low nutrient diet. Rather order a salad when you go to fast food shops, enjoy a mango, or consume green leafy vegetables instead. Healthy skin usually begins with a steady supply of nutrients and vitamins that fruits and vegetables are chock full of. Instead of a soda, take a fruit juice. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

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The five simple tips for acne treatment are:
Use mild soap
Use lukewarm water
Be gentle
Toning is fine
Moisturize your skin.
Having good balanced diet and drinking plenty of water is really effective.


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I have some information about acnes treatment,
Steering Clear of Excessive Sun Exposure
Drink lots of water in a day
Laser, light source and radiofrequency treatments
Avoid to touch your face
Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables