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I am a 39 year old man. I was a healthy natural bodybuilder at 6 ft 235with 32 in waist. I was huge, Well in October 2012 i noticed when working out my left shoulder began to hurt, i chalked that up to age pains. about 2 weeks later my righ shoulder began hurting. I began getting ill and pain in gallbladder area. for 2 months they did ultra sound of gallbladder and said it was perfect, did hida scan and they said 60% ejection rate, perfect. then my spleen started to swell, and I mean big. Also i should mention that I do have Thalasemmia Minor and Gilberts syndrome, both very minor conditions. I went to oncologist to rule out cancer being the cause of my giant spleen and he recomended that I have both organs removed. I was very uncomfortable and sick at this time. well, 8 days ago I went under the knife, gallbladdre removed laproscopically, and spleen removed through a 6 inch incision. Turns out my gallbladder was full of sludge and the walls were infected. My spleen was supposed to weigh 4 oz, mine weighed 4 pounds... Them being removed were directly related to my thallessemia and gilberts syndrome. One caused the other to go bad, we will never know witch one. I just went for a very short 20 minute slow walk today. I want to do anything to regain 30lbs of lost muscle, as I weigh only 200 pounds today. i want to heal as quickly as possible. spent 5 nights in hospital and 3 days home so far. I dont want to over do it, i want to do enough.


Wow so glad to read your post, i know it has been well over a yr.  I have been ill for about 4 months turns out my gallbladder has an ejection rate of only 15%  according to the  HIDA scan.  I am now facing possible surgery. So happy to hear the posvitive results from you.  i want to bad to feel better.