Had something typed with full sentences but it was SO long that I felt bad posting it, so here are the facts:

19, female, bad acne since age 14. I've seen many dermatologists, been prescribed creams, cleansers, pills. Nothing works. Clears up the week after my period (so only a few blackheads and smaller pimples, yeah, that's clear for me). Terrible the rest of the month. 5+ painful, cystic zits on forehead each month, blackheads on sides of nose all the time, small, un-poppable pimples all over chin and forehead, and bigger ones on forehead too. Feel like I have to use concealer all the time to feel comfortable.

Dry skin. Creams dry it out so it flakes and peels.

Rinse my face every morning, wash it with cleanser for dry skin every night, only wear makeup for about 6 hours a day, drink plenty of water and exercise and eat healthy daily.

What else can I do? Everyone else my age seems to be out of this stage but I've been in it for five years. ANY weird remedies or ideas you have, I'll try. 

Please help!

Thank you!