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is anyone of you have a dermatofibroma experience??????
would you share something about that?? what did you do.. and what the impact??
is it dangers????
from the google i read.. that dermatofibroma is unknown
but probably because of the insect 4 legs, gen, naturally...
the problem is..
why the dermatofibroma will appear again in other place after did a surgery??
is it possible if after surgery so the dermatofibroma will dissapear forever??
if dermatofibroma will apprear in other place of our body after surgery..
so how much scar we will have after the surgery when we are old???
need some advices...
thank you... ^-^


Hi Jeny, it is not a dangerous thing to have a dermatofibroma so I don't think that you have too much to worry about. I know that they remove them surgically and that there's a chance that they will come back so if you have had them removed once then you may have to have them removed again since they are not clear on the etiology of the disease. I hope that this helps. Are you going into surgery to get them removed or something?


BLUEDOG.. thx for ur attn...^-^
now i'm 22 years old....
when i was about 15 i had a dermatofibroma. only one bump between legs and buttom.
but when i was 18 i went to a doctor.. then doctor directly do a surgery...
then i don't know exactly when the new one is appear in my left legs on my tight..
so sometime if i wear short pants.. its look ...

but several week ago..
i feel itchy.. around my bump..
so i deside to went to doctor... yesterday...

the doctor said to do a surgery..
but after he read a book the doctor said better to spray a nitrogen on the spot..
it can kill the germs so the bumps will straight...and the doctor give me a jelly named Bioplacenta... used it 2 times a day..

now i see my bump bigger then before did a nitrogen...
and its getting dark ...beside that the bump looks like a scar because of the hot oil when touch our skin...
like a water inside...

the doctor said 2 weeks later to come again..
i afraid ...
because i saw the doctor.. not confidence.. about my treatment..

do you know the impact after the spray of nitrogen..
it looks like make a bumps freeze..

sorry what is the etiology???????
so if the doctor surgery deeper then the dermatofibroma can't appear again??

if you know something more about dermatofibroma please tell me..
thanks a lot..... ^-^


Dear Doctor,
i m rashid frm pakistan.. my sister was done surgery last 2week before..after this days she infrm us for pain in front of chest ... its very slow doctor give her 8days medicine n call her after complete this tablets... please tell me what we do...its that danger...?