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Does anyone have a really good smoothie or shake recipie? I bought some kind of smoothie mix at the store and mixed it up and it was gross.
I'm also tired of the slim-fasts and boost. Any suggestions?


try frozen strawberries with what ever - add some sugar to taste


I my local grocery store they sell bags of "smoothie fruit" that you can just dump in the blender. It's all fruit that will blend well. You may want to try that avenue. Just throw the bag in your freezer and then you don't have to worry about the fruit going bad before you can eat it all.


Banana Shake Recipe

2 3 bananas, or as much as you want
5 - 8 pieces of ice, or as much as you desire!
(put bananas in the blender first) fill the blender way full of milk
2 teaspoons of sugar substitute or honey
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Sometimes I add strawberries to the shake.

Blend it all together. Makes 3 servings. Big servings. And you may want to put wheat germ in it but my family threatened me with spoons if I ever did that again. 8O



Ah, man, been doing this for a long time and LOVE the taste.

Let bananas get brown, peel em, and put em in the freezer.

Into the blender goes:
an 8 oz. container of fruit on the bottom yogurt, (I like strawberry/banana best)
One, maybe two, frozen bananas
A handful of fresh strawberries (if you use some other flavor yougurt, try to use that type of fruit instead)
6 to 8 oz of juice(I prefer Dole orange, strawberry, banana, but any of those Dole multifruit flavors are GOOD)
Blend it all up, don't even need ice cause the banana and cold juice chill it and it's thick enough as it is.