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Reading all of these posts makes me feel more angry about our situations. WHy does the man have all of the control? My husband and I have been married for just over a year. I know that is not a long time but I have been wanting children forever. When we got enganged which was over 2 years ago we agreed that in 2 years we would start trying. That time has come and now he wants to wait another year at least. He says he is not ready because his work schedule requires his to work late some nights so he wont be able to be with the family as much as he would want. However, this has been a discussion for a few months now and he has done absolutely nothing to better that situation. Going back to school or applying for other jobs not in retail industry..nothing. I am so frusturated. I have even told him I will help him find a new job or go to school... Just so that I can see improvement. That being said, we are financially secure, own our home, both have cars and actually have another house we own that we rent out which is additional income. What should I do?


Men really don't hold the control card, but you do sort of need one to have a baby. Let him work late and so what he has to do, you have the baby and take care of him or her. Is he afraid of something else that you don't know about?  IT will take at least a year from start to finish, between trying to conceive and the actual birth. Maybe by the time the baby come's he will have it pulled together. If your planning on being a stay at home mom, i don't understand what his issue may be. Maybe he want's to be a hand's on father, which is great, but it's usually the mom that hold's more responsibility.

It take's 2 to make a successful marraige, and many time's there are differences of opinion's, but remind him of his promise to you. He need's to meet you half way.