Hello everyone,

I am 21 years old almost graduated from college in may 2012 and will begin my internship in the fall 2012.  If I plan it just right, I can work around my semesters.  I really want a baby now, my boyfriend is 45 and I know we both want to be together and get married.  He says he wants children but I need to wait till I finish college.  I do not want to wait, but I also dont want to trick him into it or miss my pills on purpose.  I dont want to wait that much longer considering his age and we are finacially stable.  I know I have my whole life, but I really want it now.  I am still cheerleading as well for college which would go till March but I do not want to do it anymore.  I dont want to do,  any advice anyone please??!!  I am dying of baby fever...ah!!