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Last year I had a painful rupture of a small cyst on my ovary. Becasue the pain was so intense I went to the ER and after examination the doctors explained my pain as a ruptured cyst. 2 days later I had a second cyst do the same, one on each side.

This last week I was experiencing similar pain agian. This time only on my right side. I went to the ER again, this time the doctor diagnosed me without even an internal exam or ultrasound. I was given a shot for the inflamation and sent home. That was 2 days ago and I am still in a great deal of pain.
I have additional symptons that were not present last time. Such as, pain on the inside of my right leg (feels like I pulled a muscle), and pain in my back under my ribs. I have been experiencing very strong stabbing pain in addtion to a constant pressure and burning feeling approx. 2inches to the right of my belly button. Today I have been feeling light headed and a little nausiated. Could this really be from the cyst again?

If so, how does one deal with the pain during the days it takes to pass? I was offered motrin but it does nothing for the pain.


Hi! My cousin has problems with cysts as well. Her pain is also devastating and it is not limited to lower abdomen but it also radiates into the groins and thighs. Her pain was so devastating that she even thought about having that ovary removed.
Nothing helps for her, no painkillers but she found something that does.
She makes compresses with white wine and applies them to the lower abdomen. She says this is the only thing that does it for her. She also avoids milk and diary products these days, she says it is very important to cut down on these.
I can’t say if you have cysts again or not, but a doc may feel cysts sometimes by touching your ovaries during a physical exam. Try white wine compresses and see if you get any relief.