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I become very interested of Ayurvedic medicine in last several weeks and I think I have learned pretty much about it especially if I say that I didn’t know a simple thing about it.
I know it is ancient Indian medicine and it's main goal is to balance person's mind, body and spirit. Also I heard that Ayurvedic medicine has different approaches depends what type of body some person has. In the same time I would like to discover what type of body is mine according to Ayurvedic medicine.


Hi there, first I want to tell you that Ayurvedic medicine don't make precise body types. It is more like three main patterns of behavior and body construction but also they may be combined. These three types are:
Vata type: Body is thin, bony, tall or short, low weight, skin is dry, rough, cool and dull, hair is dark, dry, and curly, appetite is variable and small.
Pitta : Body is medium, balanced, weight is moderate, skin is soft, oily, warm, ruddy, hair is soft, oily, fair/red, appetite is good.

Kapha : Body is large and broad, weight is heavy, skin is greasy, moist, cold and pale, hair is thick, oily and wavy, appetite is slow and steady.

This is just rough picture of body types but I think it will be enough to make some conclusions how things are functioning.