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Hi I just write to ask is it bad thing when you are having a foreplay or sex(making love) and the water or when you get WET if it smells bad is it a bad thingh. Is there any possible thing i should do to get the wet bad smell liquid to be gone! Please i want to join this group, how should i join this group. Or is it late. I was ashame to show my problems but now i want to share my body problems.


Hi honey! DEFINITELY sign up I believe it is at the top of your page, you get to choose your "online name" DON'T use your real
name OK?

When you go to the washroom - to urinate - do you smell a similar odor? Do you have itching in the vulva area, or a heavy discharge etc. Does your partner also notice you "smell" or does he/she not seem to mind?

One thing EVERYONE needs to know is this - just like the expression "If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?" Well it's kind of like our bodily fluids - especially sexual fluids - did they smell before or only when they hit the air? In this the answer is the air! So there are many factors, infection, illness, pills, DIET, etc. whatever you take in or put in etc. WILL affect ALL aspects of your body - including the fluids! So IF your urine smells then you will probably need to have a urine test - to see if you need antibiotics! IF you are itchy and there is a discharge you will need to get some 7 day yeast infection suppositories - do NOT have sex till this is cleared up! Also have your partner ALWAYS use a condom - this can cut down on the amount of smells you have coming from that area! Usually a womans "Secretions or Ejaculation" does NOT smell, but a mans definitely does - and both can be affected by what you ingest! So let's start at the easily solved thoughts and then work our way up to the harder to detect!Just know that virtually every woman in this world has had to struggle with this at one time or another!