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Hello friends.


My pets are literally crazy in the past three or five days. I am not sure, I can’t count anymore, because I can’t sleep :) LOL.


They are playing around, running around, they want me to play with them all night.

Is it full moon out? :/ What is going on lol


This morning, I notice that my Dalmatian dog is walking a little bit hard.

After a while I saw that his leg is swollen. He probably jumped on some sharp rock.


I cleaned it, just to prevent some infection. I took him to the vet and my vet told me that I don’t need to be afraid, that his leg will be fine in a while after some meds that he gave to me.

But, I want to know are there some natural remedies for swollen leg in dogs?


Hey girl.


I totally understand what you are talking about :) My dog is literally crazy about playing, jumping in the past few days :)

Since this started to happen, I am reading about some natural remedies lol

I found one and it seems pretty interesting :)

It is dog acupuncture :) I didn’t believe in this before, but now I was reading that this can relieve pain in dogs, just like in people.


I want to try it, and I am sure that I will do this if anything happens next time :)

And, I hope that it won’t happen :)



Hi people.

I hope you are fine.


To be honest, I really don’t know that much about this issue, but when I started to read, the first thing that I saw was – dog acupuncture?


Does this really exist, is it helpful in this case?

I have never heard about it, at all.

All that I know is that we all can use chamomile tea, because this one will prevent infections and it can help you remediate the pain. We all do know that chamomile tea is really helpful, but it is not a cure. It can help, but it can’t heal completely.




My mom is telling me that there is always one cure, and that is an Omega 3 essential fatty acid supplement from fish and flax seed oil.

Well, I don’t know how this cure works exactly on swollen leg of your dog. But, since it reduces weight in dogs, maybe this is one of the reasons? I am not sure.

Also, my mom was always against meds, but she is keep telling me that sometimes you need to give your dog meds, because sometimes that it the only cure.

I think that natural remedies can help him/her to feel better, but only meds can cure your pet.



Hello. When my dog is sick, injured or hurt, I take him to the vet, but I am trying to avoid steroids or antibiotics because I believe that they can weaken my dog’s immune system. So, I treat my dog successfully at home. I am using homeopathy, sometimes herbs, which can be helpful and sometimes with some immune support products. I am maybe old-fashioned guy, but I think that dog with swollen leg has to be at some comfortable place, such as home and that true healing can help him. I don’t think that meds are bad, I just think that alternative health care is much better.



Hi everyone :)

I have Berger Picard. He is really playful and silly dog. He is hurting his leg all the time. In the last three months I was visiting vet more than 15 times. Always the same problem, his leg is hurt, he has some chip in his leg. Crazy.

Meds are good to prevent infection, but my old friend Martha ( she is 75 years old), told me to try healing his leg with Thuja or Silica. Those are homeopathic remedies and they don’t have any bad effects. I changed diet for my dog, and I introduced him with raw meet.

He accepted it very good. That is the best cure – homeopathic remedies with raw meet.