I am 14 years old abt to turn 15 in a about a month and I am fairly skinny because I am asian and adopted so I can’t base anything off my mom. But i was adopted before i was a month old. I have my period and pubic hair. I got my period when i was 14 in october 2017 but I have no breast development. I started developing breasts around 12 and from there barley any change. All my friends have breasts and I literally have the chest of a 10 year old. I swear to you I am so flat I can’t still wear a tranning bra with pads bc my nipples and be fine. I have the buds inside my breasts that girls develop and they are a little sensitive and hurt sometimes but they are completely non existent. I have not consulted with a doctor or my mom bc i’m too embarrassed some plz give me help!!!!!