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I am 38 years old male, 501, 178lbs. I have always experienced fat cheeks and I am seriously considering cosmetic surgery to remove my fatty cheeks. I am reading a lot about buccal fat extration and face liposuction. Some experts recommend it and others don't. I am now interested in speaking to surgeons and patients who have had this precedure/s done, but am having a great deal of difficulties finding them. Do anyone or can you recommend local surgeons in my city, Chicago, or three other cities I have access to in a regular basis (Philadelphia, San Francisco, and NYC) I have found one surgeon locally (O. Placik, MD) but I want a few more opinions. Thank you.


I was considering doing the same procedure because I have the same problem but as you have mentioned it is very hard to find people willing to share their experience with you. Only thing that I have managed to find out is that the bigger the city is the higher is the price of the procedure. And if you want some very good surgeon the price is going even higher and I am not sure that I am ready to pay all that money just to have slimmer face.

So now it would be a good time to ask you to share your experience with me. Since you were considering this procedure few years ago I am sure that you have already done the whole thing and that you have slim cheeks. So where did you went and who was your surgeon? 

And was it worth all the money and all the stress? I am looking forward to read your answer and thank you in advance.