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Could you tell me if there is a simple procedure to address a fat deposit on one side of my face below my lip.

I had a fat transfer done to address the hollowing of my cheeks. The result was great on the right side, but the left side resulted in what appears to be a small fat deposit around and below the left corner of my lip that is dragging the corner of my lip down.

I was thinking that if the fat could be removed in that small area off from the corner of my lip, it would improve the appearance of sagging on that side and give my face a more symmetrical look.

Is an in-office procedure to address this (like mini-liposuction or something similar to buccal fat removal)



Well Captain as hard as I am trying to imagine some simple procedure other than revisiting your surgeon again I just can't. All that sounds way too complicated to be done anywhere else outside the clinic.

When was the first time you have done this procedure? And afterwards have you been talking to your surgeon about that part which you don't like? And what was his answer?

I must say that I am very curious about this whole thing and I hope that you will not take this as a bad thing but now I would like to know how the whole thing had ended. Since you have written this few years ago I must presume that you already have this problem solved so I am interested in which way everything went. Thank you in advance.