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I had bunion surgery 3 weeks and 4 days ago.  The doctor put a screw in the toe and also a pin into the side of the toe that was to remain there for several weeks.  Last Wednesday he told me that he would take an Xray this coming Wednesday which would be 4 weeks since surgery.  He would then determine how long the pin would remain in the side of my toe say either 2 or 4 more weeks.  Well I accidentily knocked it very lightly and the pin just fell out.  It's Sunday night and I'm worried and don't know what I should do.  The emergency room does not have a clue about this kind of surgery.  I can call in the morning but I am worried that I could have done some harm.  Is there anyone out there that has had anything like this happen and what was the outcome?






Just don't panic doctors have fixed worse than that.