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I am really having trouble lately, doing/during my runs, I just don't feel 100% when I am out there. My times are still consistent with what they have been, I just don't feel mentally in the game. Running used to be so much fun now I view as a chore and something that I must do. I have been trying to mix it up with the cycling somewhat, and I enjoy the cycling aspect of cross training.

Thinking of maybe taking a week of running off, just to allow my body to catch up and recover, perhaps then I will appreciate running even more.

I have been so busy lately, working overtime, EMS has been nuts lately on my crew nights.

The problem that I am running into is that I know I need time off, but feel like a slacker when I do force myself to take off, or when advised to do so by professional's.

This sux, I hate feeling like this.


I feel your pain brother! Last week was a down week in my training schedule and the hardest part about taking a down week is my mental state. I feel like I'm cheating myself by not going out there and pushing it.

Saturday was a complete day off for me and if I didn't have a ton of drafting to do to keep me occupied, I'd have gone NUTS!

Sunday AM was good though. I felt great to get out and run again. Sunday PM was a blast too. Got in a 33 mile ride at an easy pace. Just a kind of take-it-easy day w/o a training schedule to stick to. Helps me remember that training should be fun sometimes and not always so much like work.

Take a few days off (maybe a week) from running and ride instead. Your joints will thank you and you'll get a nice mental break from running.

Hang in there.


i take weeks off for no particular reason and i always run with a better resolve

very good because you really learn to appreciate running

it sucks though when you are off and see a dude running, and wish it was you