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I’ve been struggling with acne ever since I started puberty and I’m 22 years old now, still with acne on my face and on my back. This problem is making me very self-conscious and even though I’m normally sociable person, I usually act very shy and try to cover up my problem even though that’s not really possible.

My dermatologist wants me to start on Epiduo gel, and that’s gonna happen next week, but from what I understand the treatment will last for month or two. What I’m wondering though is, if anyone used Epiduo gel to get rid of acne, what was your experience?



I'm almost done with my first month of using Epiduo gel for facial acne and at the moment my face looks pretty bad, but mainly because I didn't realize how sensitive to sunlight your skin becomes when you use Epiduo.

The sunburns of course mainly affected my forehead and nose and since the skin is peeling on those areas, I can't say for sure that there wont be any new acne once my skin heels up. But as far as my cheeks and beard are concerned, I still had a few pimples appear despite using the Epiduo gel.