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I was wondering if you can lose weight on a water fast and with a slow metab i exercise like 5 hours per day and have been having like 1 pky per day and laxatives and was wanting to know if i could lose weight by doing this and if so how much and i also have anorexia and haev put on weight by eating less go figure...


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I am not sure you will lose weight at all. No wonder you put on weight when your body is taking now everything you eat because it feels that you are starving, so it keeps everything you bring into your organism, so that it would be deprived of nutrients later.

You can die like this and don’t even think about going on a water diet. You will only lose water and gain it back again. Water diet is good only for one day a month to clear your organism from toxins.

You need professional help and counseling to address your problem. It is common that girls who suffer from anorexia exercise as much as you do. Exercising that much won’t make you lose more weight, you can only build up muscle from exercising that much.

The first thing you need to do is realize you have a problem and then talk to your parents and see if you could get some help and go back to your old life when food wasn’t the only thing you thought about.