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so i noticed every time i shave "down there" i get a blister...well i think it looks more like a cut but i havent looked at it in a while cuz i've always assumed it was a reaction to shaving. but then i read about mild herpes and im scared sh*tless that i've got it.

i hope to god its from shaving and im gonna go see a doctor soon. but in the mean time, i wanna know if its possible to get blisters from shaving.


It's common to get a "blister" from shaving the pubic area. Pubic hair is rough hair and hard to shave. This can irritate the pore that is being shaved and bacteria is very likely to infect the area. This gives a blister or pimple.

If you stop shaving that area, it would help you to not get infected pores. You could try cutting the hair before shaving it and shaving slowly so that it's easier on your pores.